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Thread: To Much Reality Uk Tv

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    Can anyone think of any good ideas for a reality TV show that I can send in to Channel 4 as they must be paying good money for them for the amount of shit theyve had on lately!

    gets on my ...........

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    What about webcam link ups with lets say, 50 regular users of k-lite - each week 2 people get kicked out of the show because they:

    a: Flamed too much
    b: Started a fight
    c: Insulted someone intentionally
    d: Were too passive with their input
    e: Downloaded too much p0rn, not enough, whatever
    f: Extra points for becoming a Mod or even getting one fired

    etc etc.

    Each member would vote on who should be kicked off, just like they do on the other crap shows. Questions would be asked about k-lite, competitions and such could be organised....

    Their daily lives would be documented, how much time they spent in front of the puter, how much they neglected other things around their private lives... blah blah blah... i'm sure theres enough material to convince the "real" world that this kinda life sucks big time and should get a lot of laughs proving what a load of geeks we are

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    that'd work....
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    A cam on Skweeky&#39;s shoulder when she is on the boat friday&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

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    How about a show where they get a bunch of people to live.....shit its been done

    OR they put ppl on an island.....shit been done too

    they could get couples to swap partners.....fuck been done.

    What about gay guys that....FFS been done too.

    How bout finding ppl that cant drive.....damn been done.


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