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Thread: Tmpgenc Plus

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    I am coverting avi to dvd with tmpgenc...I only converted the video because that is what I was told was good...I now need to convert the audio...what is a good program to do this with and get the best audio?...then how do I rejoin them or do I just burn them together? thanks

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    You dont need to encode the audio seperate mate.Look for posts of muchspl2 for the settings if you have problems.

    If you've already done the video you may aswell use tmp the encode the audio.

    At the top ,options ,environmental settings ,audio engine ,then set to high quality.

    Load the movie ,select audio only from the bottum right ,settings ,choose the audio properties ,start.

    Once finished ,at the top again ,mpeg tools ,simplae multiplex ,add both a/v ,run.

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    I would like to convert to ac3 or dolby digital and tmpgenc will not allow me to do this.

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