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Thread: Bt Client

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    I need a BT Client that, I can load multiple torrents in and chose when to download and were. I mean, I goto school in the morning and I have 30 minutes left on a torrent, I don't want to waste the day without downloading. So, what client can I use to download files in order.

    Like I said, it needs to be able to load another download right after one finishes

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    You can use ABC to do that you can get it from HERE

    It will load the next item once you have a 100% share ratio on the previous one.

    If your not happy with that then your just leeching.

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    Yep, ABC can do that. I kow Azureus has a lot of features, but ABC can definately download your torrents one after another. You can specify what when the client will trigger the next download. And like LINDOREZ said, the default is when one shares 100%, but you can configure it to a different percentage or a certain amount of time.

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