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Thread: The Hobbit

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    I've heard that The Hobbit will make it to the big screen is this true

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    Feb 2003
    maybe.. nobody knows for sure.


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    yeah there definitly nothing in the works but new line own now owns the movies right.

    there was fan made trailer some guy made by splicing in footage from the movie dragon slayer and LOTR TFOR.

    I heard that the BBC is wants to a Miniseries don't know who owns the TV rights.

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    i would prefer a movie of the simarillian it would be difficult to make but it would be very interesting and exciting.

    the elfs and gods of middle earth. good fantasy film.

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    New Line owns the Movie rights and United Artist owns the distribution rights. Both Studios want this movie really really bad and thats where it gets F'ed up.

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    Peter Jackson was considering this as a possible venture, however he is now making the remake of King Kong so will be a while before he can do it.


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