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Thread: New Kazaa Lite Website And Download Page

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    May 2003
    After a while of it being down i decided to put Kazaa Back up.
    I made a small site with a forum specifically for the Kazaa Lite Download.
    It has 2 versions of Kazaa Lite, and Diet Kazaa on it.
    If that URL doesnt work click Here:

    Kazaa Lite Website

    no ads, no popups, no viruses, I gauruntee it. 100% free. no scam. lol

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    cool man

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    The first don't work , the second ask for username/password.

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    Problem getting into site failed to recognize user name and KL password.

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    Hey there johonbravo .. Well the first one doesn't work, and the second is asking for username and password which are unknown !

    So, is there any other links ?
    And I'm using 2.4.3e .. is any later version availabe ? and Where ?

    Thanks alot dude.

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    This is the last known "redirecting" link

    But anyway I suggest to search Kazaa itself for the update using the keywords "kazaa lite" I've even found a much better 2.4.3 over there !

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    Originally posted by kb123@15 January 2004 - 21:50
    Problem getting into site failed to recognize user name and KL password.
    I wouldn't put my username and password in there if I was you, you don't know where it could end up.

    There are many links in one of the pinned topics where you can get k-lite 2.4.3

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    Try this"s clean and it was working...and it doesn"t ask you for a
    f king password!!!!
    Knowledge And Wisdom Are Gained By Listening And Observing And Knowing When To Keep Your Fucking Mouth Shut!!!!

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    keep your site as simple as possible dude...

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