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Thread: My Personal Opinions Of The Most Popular P2p

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    here are my opininons of the latest p2p programs you may not agree but please provide your opinions also

    1. Kazaa Lite- Still the best, every file i have ever searched for ive got efficiently and im on 56k!

    2. emule, not a fan of this, i search for the stuff and there are great downloads but when it comes to actually downloading it is totally useless

    3. soulseek, this has to be the best music downloading program on the internet any audio file, rare file or forgotten file will be on there.

    4. Bittorent, i find this program OK but, not for 56k modems even though i have downloaded the odd thing like nero the reason why i hardly ever use BT is because you cannot search for files, im not sayin thats all bad but it still puts me off.

    5. Edonkey- exactly the same comments as emule

    there are my opinions and you may not agree but they are true from my expirience so please express YOUR views.
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    Originally posted by Azzz@15 January 2004 - 12:24
    2. emule, not a fan of this, i search for the stuff and there are great downloads but when it comes to actually downloading it is totally useless
    Not an app for those using 56k. If u decide to move to broadband, give it another try.
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    Kazaa ++
    Excellent p2p client, however I very rarely use this now, unless I desperately need a file.

    Another excellent p2p client, and probably the one i use the most. With websites such as ShareReactor with extensive lists, and regularly updated, you can't go wrong. Downside is that you need to leave it running for a bit to get your download's actively going and even then they're not always that fast.

    I use this program solely for music downloads only. This is by far the most extensive p2p client for mp3's without a doubt. New users may find it hard to configure but once you get used to it, you'll never look back. Been using this program since the demise of Napster. On average I have had 1 bad file per 900.

    This information is CLASSIFIED. Any users attempting to gather information on this client will be shot on site.


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    Wrong Azzz , wrong.

    Bittorent ***** Good for everything

    Overnet Lite **** Same as Bittorent good to replace eMule

    Soulseek **** Only music good for full albums

    Blubster & Piolet **** Only music good for mp3 singles and fast as hell

    Ares **** Same as K-Lite just need more users

    Kazaa and Kazaa Lite both killed by Sharman himself.


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