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Thread: Kazaa And Zonealarm

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    I am currently running Clean KMD 2.4.4 and ZoneAlarm Pro 4. When I have ZoneAlarm turned on most if not all of my downloads stop, and continuously search for more sources without ever finding any. Without ZoneAlarm turned on I normal get all downloads running and 1 or more sources per file. Having looked around the Klboard I realise this probably has something to do with ZoneAlarm and ports but am unsure of the way forward, can anybody help or forward me any instructions on what to do? I would ideally like to have ZoneAlarm running. TIA

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    I don't use za pro, but check your za programs list. Look for a check box to allow KMD server rights.

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    click on help in kazaa and read "connection problems firewall settings" it gives instructions on how to configure za pro


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