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Thread: Kazaa Genre Folders

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    dunno if this has been talked about, or if kazaa already HAS this or what, but i think it would be a good idea to add a right click function to the folder area to make new folders so u can drag and drop certain songs into the specific folders. I know it has the automatic folder thing that sorts by artist, album, etc etc, but id like to be able to name the folder myself and then drag the files I want into the correct folder.. possible?

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    Possible, not probable.

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    i've probably totally misunderstood the question, but why not just go into your shared folder and create new folders from within windows for each genre

    then just drag and drop the files into their genre

    sorry if i misunderstood the question...
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    You can place different types of things in different folder, dont have K++ installed atm, so couldnt tell you exactly how to do it... its KLE options

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    Im using k-lite 2.6, if I added the folders I wanted to my shared folder, would those folders show up on the list of folders in kazaa?

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    pm me for KDP (kazaa download placer), it will place different types of files in different specified folder

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    There are detailed instructions on how to use File Organizer in the Tips section of the forum.

    As the KDP is a bit buggy, I would only recommend to use it if you are on version 2.6, as the File Organizer in KLE (k-lite versions 2.4.x) is easier to use.

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    I know it has the automatic folder thing that sorts by artist, album, etc etc, but id like to be able to name the folder myself
    the only way i know of adding genre subfolders to the my files view in kazaa is to edit a MP3s ID3v2 genre tag with winamp, and mabe copy the ID3v2 to the ID3v1 tag (im not sure what one kazaa reads in) then when you open kazaa it will have the new genre in the my files view, you can then drag and drop other mp3's into that genre

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    ehhh, nm, this is a bit more confusing then it needs to be, for those of u who understand what i mean by the cutom folders, talk to someone up stairs about gettn it put in... without using all this other crap... instead of downloading like 90 "plugins" i guess there called...suchas "Super KLITE! ULTRA ++" "KDP" "BDA" LSD" "ALDOS SUPER COOLER STUFF...++"... the Kazaa folder is starting to look like a mIRC WARTOOL, that comes with 700 different useless nukers, why not just integrate this stuff..


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