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Thread: F*uck My Host Or Ipb

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    Is the second time whae i ask for help , i tried a lot of times to post hash links on my forum ( my signature Blubster ) and don't work, any ideea why ?

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    If they're html like codes then try enabling the [dohtml] tags. Ask the admins for help as Paul hinted that one of them was good with Invision. Also try requesting a Mod over at the ibplanet forums (I asked for something similar a while back on a mod board when I was trying to get PHPBB to recongnise Sig2Dat links and got quite alot of help).

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    Thanks i already enabled [dohtml] tags and don't work.

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    You have to enable de use of html in the signatures, that can be done from the administration panel. Then use just simple html.


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