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Thread: Seting Up A New Channel

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    Heres the deal i want to set up a channel for friends of mine so we can share files. Here are a few questions.

    What are the steps to setting up a channel?

    Whats a good server to have the channel on?

    What is a good bot to use and how can i set it up?

    And how can i serve files?

    you can see i know almost nothing about this.

    Thanks for any help

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    Ok QuickStart:

    I suggest starting a channel on It's the same server as the KLite room uses.
    They also provide a service called BotServ, which basically let's you customize a bot for your channel without the hassle of having to host it etc.

    Simply join a channel of your liking (which isn't occupied yet of course)
    then type: /cs register channelname password description
    to register it and set you as the owner.

    To call in a bot to moderate and protect your channel I suggest you type /bs help
    to learn the commands and options you have.
    Quick Rundown: Select a Bot from the list you get when typing /bs botlist
    then /bs assign botname channelname
    For all the options consult the help command.

    As for fileserving I recommend installing a script called Invision
    It has several good fileserving options and should get you started quite fast
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