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Thread: Uncomfortable Silences

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    i'm not really using MSN messenger as much just now as i used to. Among the list of reasons why i'm not using it is the "uncomfortable silences" problem

    over the time i've had msn, i've accumulated quite a large number of contacts (37 at the moment, i think)

    i only frequently talk to about 4 or 5 of those on my list, the rest of the people i talk to either infrequently or not at all

    when i see the people that i don't talk to sign in, i feel very awkward, i don't know if i should try to speak to them or if they might be speaking to other people or they might be related to the account owners or what...

    anyway, i just wanted to know if anyone else has this problem and any mesaures they took to solve/ease the situation...?

    tia for any help/advice
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    Yeah i have the problem. If you have nothing importing to tell them then you shouldn't have the obligation to talk.

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    i have this prob. about 1/4 of my contact list on aim are people that i don't even remember from a long time ago. i don't even know some of their names! try talkin to them! ha. hello, who r u again? lol.

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    Change email adress?

    Problem solved

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    If you don't chat with them anymore, just remove them from your contact list.
    If they really want to get in touch, they still have your email addy.

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    It is just as easy for the to speak to you first, so you are not obligated to make the first move. If you were in the pub and recognised a guy coming in but you were with your close pals would you go over and speak to him, or just leave it thinking, &#39;I will catch him later on&#39;? It&#39;s not worth getting phased about I think, just my opinion.

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    yeah remove them or block them upto you though. i only had that porb with one so i locked him cause i didnt know why he was on there anyway i had forgotten

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    Delete or block them



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