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Thread: Adjusting Laser?

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    I have a napa dav316 and i wanted to try a cdrw on it so i tryied to pay one but it was too slow to load like 6 mins or so and sometimes it didn't load.

    so i wanna know if i open up the player and adjust the laser will it wreck the mp3 player?

    plus any other suggestions

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    Is it sill under warranty?

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    Originally posted by Virtualbody1234@16 January 2004 - 23:49
    Is it sill under warranty?
    no i don't think so

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    Hi I have a Napa Dav316 mp3 player and i want to adjust the laser so i can read cdrw's better anyone know how to do this with this player or know a website on this kinda thing please reply or pm me



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