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Thread: U.s. Involvement In Iraq

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    [FONT=Arial]Fellow Americans: If you care to see what your $1 Billion a week in Iraq is buying you, just take a look at the following video footage.

    To the rest of the World: Please know that not all Americans (myself included) were or are in support of any U.S. miltary intervention in Iraq. As has been said before, this is an unnecessary war in a part of the world that has seen too much bloodshed. This war will only lead to further instability in the region and will increase the risk of terrorist attacks in the U.S. and elsewhere.

    File:Helicopter Kills - Blacklisted Infrared Footage From Iraq.mpg
    Length:4874246 Bytes, 4760KB

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    actually im pretty sure i saw this footage on the 6.30 abc world news. Very disturbing stuff. While abc is the best news source out of the fox, nbc, cbs etc.. i was still suprised to see them show it.
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    saw this myself, could you believe that they killed that last guy who was injured (and the pilot said he was injured too), and when the gunner was going for the truck the pilot told him to "go for it and hit him" "hit the truck then him". that&#39;s some real bs, that didn&#39;t look like an rpg too me (i saw the whole video, not the one where you only see them shooting) un-fekin-believable

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