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    Okay, I downloaded the 8 Mile DVD Xvid Screener, i'm on a 56k modem, so it took quite a long time to download.

    At one point in the film, it crashes, (this seems to have happened with every Xvid movie I have downloaded) but when watching it i just skip that scene.

    Does this mean that there is no way that I can burn it to a VCD because using TMPGEnc as soon as it passes that scene, the screen goes black for the rest of the film.

    Can I get around this?

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    You might have developed a problem in it during download. What xvid codec do you have installed? Nic's build seems to be the most stable. I suggest you use it. See if it will play through the bad part in virtualdub. If so, use vdub to re-encode it into a different format to use in tmpgenc.

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    Check out this if it works for you how to handle with bad frames:

    To use that link,you have to be a member of the Fasttrack forum which you can by going to their website here and sign up in the forum:

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    What media player are you using?


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