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Thread: Any Way To Get A New Trial Of Trialware

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    say i installed software like Alcohol 120, Diskeeper, and all that good stuff. is there any way to use it after the 30 day trial period...can i delete the registry or something like that.

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    just search for the crack\keygen

    if you dont find one

    uninstall it
    use a registry cleaner like registry healer and remove all references
    also get trial doctor - look for it its in google a few pages down
    if it still dont work do the same again and use registry detective
    by searching for company name and prog name and remove (becareful what you remove)

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    I found a program recommended to me at another forum to be quite handy in "resetting" the trial period..
    Its called Trial Doctor v131

    With this tool you can restore your trial time in
    ** apps which are protected by Armadillo & ASProtect.
    ** Read more on ->


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