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Thread: Why Don`t Polish Users Share ?

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    Is it tecnical problems or what???
    Somebody! :huh:

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    Sep 2003
    How can you tell that polish people arn't sharing?

    If its Kazupernodes, you need to get a polish list.

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    Let Me say this way.
    I`m a beginner and maybe I have hole in head or what ever it is.
    I search for films,I decide downloading,I get it sooner or later.
    I look for Polish films,I decide for downloading,I get lot of users who arn`t connecting 24 hours a day,week after week and they are on line?
    Stupid me who dont understand this!
    Why don`t I need some "list" for other films????

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    Feb 2003
    It's the same here in holland, because polish and dutch movies are not very popular... so downloading them is harder then 'english spoken' movies.


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