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Thread: Olympus C350 Digital Camera

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    Received my new Olympus C350 digital camera last week, went to install the Camedia software and a error message came up Inconpatable version of the RPC stub Error no 0x80070725 set up will now terminate. I have downloaded from Microsoft the service release 1a (SR1a) which is supposed to cure this problem, but it's still the same. My operating system is Win 98, took it to my local computer shop and he tried a few thing's but no luck so far, He then suggested that i have Windows 98 second edition put on it. Will this cure the problem, Does anybody have any suggestions :helpsmile: :helpsmile:


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    I would upgrade to the latest version of windows you can afford.

    As this is a new camera, the software developed for it may not be quite compatible with such an old version of Windows.

    I'm sure others may chime in...

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    Well here's a quote from a shop selling one.

    Good Points:
    1. Takes fantastic photos - night photo mode is simply amazing.
    2. Download images via USB port WITHOUT SOFTWARE DRIVERS.
    3. Rotate, resize etc images in the camera.

    Try this too


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    Cwctv, You are a GENIUS MATE, I have been trying all week to cure this problem with no success, and after posting on other forum's all week i had no luck. So before i went to bed on friday night i thought i would try it here, and boy am i glad i did, i downloaded that patch in the kodak link and it installed straight away, YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE



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