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Thread: Am I Doing Something Wrong?

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    Ok, I just switchd over to emule not too long ago, but when I try to download anything it will show over 300 sources to be in que but none of them will ever connect usually! and when they do its just from one dude that seems to be using his 56k to let everyone upload from him. So ive been sitting here watching my one file that I did manage to download be uploaded from me consantly with about 8 connections at a time, all the time... I must be doing something wrong with my downloads then.

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    ok I read around quickly and i guess it seems I needa to let my uploads build up a little longer for me to download better (even though I have like a 3:1 UL/DL ratio) but im still confused on another thing. Why can other people download files I didnt complete yet but are somehow in my shared folder but I cant preview what I got in them? so uhh is there anyway to atleast preview em??

    *goes back to reading more about the dummy files or something*

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    Read the FAQs. They should answer most of ur questions. Apps that hook into the ed2k net reqiure a bit more effort when first starting than FT apps do, but the rewards r much greater. Spend the half hr and go thru this stuff.


    If u still have questions afterward, I'll be glad to help.
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    emule downloads on parts so if you have not finished your download someone might upload a part which you have already downloaded

    secondly with emule you need patience and time.


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