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Thread: The Apprentice And Couples Fear Factor

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    man, i'm usually not a fan of these reality tv shows, but this is pretty cool.....that apprentice show that is.....damn, all those people are like around 23-24, and they all f***in like own a company or a bunch of stores already? i'm thinking, get into college when you're like 18 or 19, go through 4 years minimum....and then go out to look for work...but with these people, they must have to heavy hook ups or something.........don't know how they do it.......the second episode, man, that sam guy should've gotten fired, was f***ed up that the other guy did......he did his job, and the other guy as we saw on tv, actually did fall asleep.......bastard.....oh welll

    and with the couples fear factor......i just wanna see that one guy get slapped..haha.......but it's pretty cool........that monica chick looks hot.......can't believe that hot chick actually asked that guy out first...what the come that can't happen to me......

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    no, cause fox has ruined reality tv 4 me

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    oh...but these are pretty cool.......give it another try....

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    I don't like the show Fear Factor. I find it stupid, they make people do things like eat buffalo balls. :x

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    Originally posted by KrackHead2k@17 January 2004 - 09:41
    I don't like the show Fear Factor. I find it stupid, they make people do things like eat buffalo balls. :x
    yea the show is pretty hurt but man the host iswould be wicked id give anything for his job i see one time htis chick had to stick her hand in fish and she cut her self and asked to stop playing and the guy is like " oh no its ok you cand do it" and shit like thats so she keeps going after they find out shes allergic to that fish that be kill just manipulating peeps into doing shit they dont want to sick stuff

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    yeah that joe dude is one sick fucked up comedian

    get a life joe

    and for those americans without a life, burn ur cable bills and go out and GET A LIFE!!!!

    that is all i'll say

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    hey, tv rules!!

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    I wonder how much of a joke this new Fox show My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance will turn out to be. Does look pretty funny though...

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    the ones on fox suck.....except americal idol is okay...but really......the one's on nbc are a little better.


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