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Thread: Bearshare It Rules

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    I just got BearShare and I love it. I mainly use it for software and was wondering if anyone else uses it and likes it? The only problem its packed with adware and if you remove the adware it disables Bearshare after a couple of days of use. They offer an adfree program but charge for it.

    I just want some people opinions on the p2p program and comparisons.

    Also does anyone know where to get a lite version (adfree) of bearshare.


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    You can use the latest beta build that can be found from their forum. Its adaware free but you'll have to update the version every week or so. Not like its a big download or anything...

    I liked bearshare but there's hardly anything shared on that network (gneutella or however its spelled). So for now its worthless to me.


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