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Thread: Weird D/l Problem- Please Help

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    Hi I'm not a newb to using bittorrent and I've never seen this error before after many successful downloads.

    I'm currently d/ling a 1948mb copy of The Lord of the Rings- The Return of the King (that's the file name) off of suprnova. By accident I left my computer on during the night and I think some1 may have shut it off while it was still running, though that has NEVER been a problem before.

    To cut a long story short when I attempt to continue the d/l it will start checking the file and then stop at 50% where it gives me this error message

    "Problem Connecting to Tracker - <urlopen error (10061, &#39;Connection refused">

    After I hit ok it will go to the main bittorrent client with the d/l trying to connect to peers and not working, stuck at 50% (though that&#39;s acutally checking)

    Any help you could give would be great as I&#39;m totally stumped

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    If i think it is what it is? lol I get it all the time, usually happens when you get no line for a connection, or when no one is connecting to you for files. I leave the box displayed all night as the sound you get every couple of minutes of the box appearing does me head in. It doesn&#39;t effect nothing as i have gone to sleep & woke up the following day to see my Downloads go from 12% to 60% when i press the ok button.

    So don&#39;t worry about the message that keeps popping up.


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