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Thread: Which Program Do You Guys Use To Burn Dvd?

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    after you downloaded the avi file which program do you guys use to burn it on the dvd r. so that u can play on the stand alone dvd players. don't tell me to go to coz i went there and read them already. there is alot of programs. and alot of instructions. i just wanna know which program u guys use? which programs r popular and best to make dvds. thanks

    p.s. i tried nero 6.0 but when i play on the stand alone player i got disc error and stuff like that.....oh ...and sometimes i can see the picture but no sound...yes i do have k-lite codec in my pc.

    i got sony 500a dvd burner and ...apex dvd player

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    OK this is what I do

    I convert too Mpeg 2 with TMPGEnc

    then I use TMPGEnc authorizer to turn it into a DVD where it creates vob files ifo etc

    then with Nero 6 choose DVD video not data!!! ppl get confused!!

    double click the video red folder you see on the right and drag every sing folder that the authorizer Crrsyrf

    remember nothing goes in the audio folder

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    You cannot just burn an avi onto disc and hope it works,you MUST convert the files to the correct format first.

    I find that Mainconcept Mpeg encoder is far easier and just as good as tmpgenc.
    After that I use Cyberlink Power producer to get the data onto disc.
    Never use nero to convert,just to burn sometimes.

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    i would suggest TmpgEnc DVD Author, but when i need to add subtitles or multiple audio tracks, it can't do that. otherwise it's an alright program.

    i prefer TmpgEnc, for converting the AVI/mpeg-4 to a DVD-compatible m2v/mp2 set.

    then i use IFO Edit to author the DVD and edit the IFO (surprise, surprise, IFO Edit can edit IFOs&#33. if you need to include subtitles or a secondary audio stream, IFO Edit is great for that. if not, TmpEnc DVD Author is fine.

    and for burning, i use Nero 6. not sure why you should have any probs with Nero 6 making discs for an Apex player tho. it works for me...


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