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Thread: Sharing Files

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    Dec 2003
    when I start up my computer and kl I get a message that i`m not sharing any files.
    has anybody this problem?

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    Go to the options and make sure the box saying Disable uploads to other users is unticked, and it should be OK for you to share then.

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    Feb 2003
    or your shared folder is empty

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    Or your not sharing. Depending on the version, it'll be in options->klite options. Find 'Shared files'. DON"T use the wizard. It'll share half your hd. Just browse around and put a check in the box beside the folders you want to share.

    Someone is gonna say "That'll up you rank!" Yup, but K-Lite does that automatically, and besides, why share a file called arch_pl.wav? It's a game .wav. What are the odds of some one needing it? Share real stuff, not junk.

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