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Thread: Creating A Pdf Book From Scanned Images

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    Does anyone know how to take a bunch of scanned images of a book and create a PDF book

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    this all depends on what you want to do with it, read it on your computer, print it out for later, transfer to a palm device, etc.

    i use ABBYY Finereader for all my ebook scans, you should be able to find it using kazaa, although i dont know if you can use pre-scanned images, but you can look into it if the book is pretty large and you dont want to scan it again.

    here is a link to the alt.binaries.e-books usenet group FAQ , there should be a link on the left side that says "scanning tips & tricks" which is basically a finereader guide.
    its for version 5.0 but still applies to version 6, which i found on kazaa.


    hope this helps

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    Yes i want to create a book from scanned images. ill check out that site thanks


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