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Thread: Bios Back-up

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    Hi am wanting to back up my BIOS as i had a wee prob 2day but thats all fixed now

    MB: Jetway KT400 266/333Mhz


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    Not so sure about backing up your current BIOS on it's own, you would be better going to your motherboard's site and downloading the same BIOS you currently have (safer surely), if you really want a copy of that particular version.

    I know that when you update your BIOS via floppy, you will need a small 'Flash' utility that prompts you to Backup your current BIOS (and give it a name) before installing the new one. I've never actually tried to backup the BIOS, I've always updated it with the latest one available, so I'm not 100% sure if you can quit half way after backing up your current version.

    Not the most detailed answer, but it may help in some small way.
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