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Thread: The Sims 8 In 1

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    Ive installed The SIms 8 in 1 but there is only 1 neigborhood to choose from yet my cousin has 8 neighboorhoods. Is it a bug, not installed right, etc?


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    maybe you unlock this further in the game?


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    No, you can add extra in by copying the Userdata1 and just renaming it Userdata2, Userdata3 etc etc.

    There was a readme on how to do it. Good luck!

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    Thank U!

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    hi, i cant find the readme file, and i dont really understand about this copying the userdata1 and renaming. i know how to do it but where do i find it?!?!
    i have found the userdata file but do i need to rename it? because i tried it and the game just crashed...please tell me what to do! my girlfriends giving me an ear ache!
    if someone could just tell me how to use the other extension packs in a step by step guide you guys would be the best, thanks so much!

    im new to forums and this could turn out to be quite handy :p cool!
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    i like sims anyway download 1 xspansions and you get 8 nebourhoods
    add me on msn at and ill give you free mafia gangster game codes for myql and php no instrucions though and is the normal aiport bullets killing crims jail stuff

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    The way i got around that problem was to get a copy of disk1 of the sims Complete set an load the first then load the sims 8 in 1 game. works fine.. the setup.exe in 8 in 1 is the problem..(disk1)..doesn't make those other userdata files...hope thats helps..

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    It must be installed incorrectly, because when I remember doing it you could select from 8 or so neighbourhoods on the top right of the screen with some left and right arrows. If you install it again and have the same problems, it's probably the torrent. I remember the one I hosted on demonoid was clean so check that out if you still can't get it to work.
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    Thank U!


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