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Thread: Speedup For Emule?

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    Originally posted by hungrylilboy@17 January 2004 - 17:59
    is there such a thing? i am newish to emule and whilst i think its very fast when it starts dling, its also very slow whilst u wait for it to find etc

    i am an old hand at klite k++, winmx and bt where u can get speed up progs but not having used emule b4 i dont know what can be done to it?

    neone got ne tips or speeds up to use?

    No, there is no speed up. Don't even go looking for one; even though 'speed-up' progs r easy to find, they're all trojans or fakes.

    I know ur concerned about speeds, but it seems that every other thread in this room is from a n00b asking this same question. Instead of posting yet another link, I'm going to ask u to first check some of these other threads. After reading the FAQ and confirguring the app correctly, I guarantee that u'll b running at ur connection max 90% of the time.

    Write back if the various links to FAQs (including the pinned thread in this area) still leave u with questions.
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    the best tip is to leave it on, leave it running, and sharing files
    by doing this you'll build your credit file
    (which wont help your speed, but help to connect to more sources, which helps your speed)
    make sure your systems configured for a high ID
    the faq's will help you configure your system
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    eCarrot4eMule - ScreenSaver/Accelerator for eMule



    Available in English, Spanish, German and Russian.

    What is it ?
    - eCarrot4eMule is a screen saver, it runs eMule every time you don't use your computer.

    What is it for ?
    - eCarrot4eMule utilizes idle time of your computer to download music and movies from the Internet. By running eCarrot4eMule you also help other users of file sharing network by donating part of your computer time to create additional sources for download.

    How to install ?
    - Download and run eCarrot4eMule.exe
    You can also obtain this file thru ed2k link: ed2k://|file|eCarrot4eMule.exe|167936|94A8DAB89ECF36EDE7290B31352E9E15|

    How much does it cost ?
    - Nothing. If you agree with the license, download, use and redistribute eCarrot4eMule for free.

    Will eMule work without the screensaver ?
    - Sure. If you run eMule all the time you don't need eCarrot4eMule. However, some users find eMule too "heavy" to run on the computer around the clock, because it interferes with the main work. Depends on settings Carrot4eMule can bring up eMule when you don't use your PC, and gracefully shut down eMule after mouse click or a key stroke. If eMule was running already, eCarrot4eMule won't bring it down, but still will accelerate eCarrot4eMule by giving it more processor time when you are not using the PC.

    - Don't forget to check "Autoconnect on startup" in "Connection" preferences of eMule.
    - Do not use password protection for this Screen Saver - it won't take any affect. This is behavior by design.

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    i received some valuable advice from someone here when i asked that question and it has worked for me

    leave it on for as long as possible, dont do anything, just have it in ur tray area (you can check to see how ur dl's are going though).

    Download a lot of files at the same time. I am downloading around 15 files in eDonkey and about 20 in shareaza and somedays when i check whats been happening I have 2-3 dl's finished, but no always.

    Its still gonna take you longer to download files than on Kazaa lite and so on, but u will download 3-4 at the same time, instead of just the one..

    good luck


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