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Thread: ?inuyasha Movies?

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    Somone please tell me where I can download some Inuyasha Movies, Im begging you guys, Help me!!!!!!!!!! :helpsmile:

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    Could you be more specific please?
    Lookindg at your avatar and sig I see its probably anime but could you give some titles.It will help out a lot to search for them.

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    OK, Sorry, I was Kinda mad before...anyway, this is the one I want:

    Inuyasha The Movie 2: The Castle Beyond The Looking Glass

    Please Help me! Thanks!

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    Ok,I found a whole lot of hashes for Inuyasha on this site(scroll down 'till you get to "I".But there aren't any titels that come with the hashes looks like you'll have to dl a whole lot of them before you get the right one.Or maybe,since you've said "...The movie 2",it's hash number 2.
    I hope youknow how to use hashes.If not,here's a small,very small,tutorialpen k-lite,go to the site and click the link(hash)Then go back to your k-lite screen and you will see a message saying that k-lite will automaticly start downloading the file.Don't be alarmed when you see the file has no actual size(0kb),the size will show eventually.But most important thing is that you must have sig2dat installed in order to use the hashes in the first place.You'll notice if you have it or not when you click the hash.And if you don't have it installed,install it I can't find a link for it right now but I'll look around for it.or maybe someone els can provide you with a link to dl sig2dat.
    Hope you'll find he right Inuyasha.

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    Just noticed the link I gave you in my previous post isn't working anymore.
    So...go here,click on 'Anime' and then scroll down to 'I'.There you will find the same hashes as in the previous link.
    Still a shame that there are no titles for the hashes.

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    Why not just check out own anime database ? Link in my sig.

    Note thos that I haven't updated it at all since december, but those two movies are there.

    btw, the reason there are no titels for the hashes listed on those sites is that it's the tv series and not the movies.


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