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Thread: Cheapest Dvd Player

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    Ok, I live in the USA, and I'm wondering whats the cheapest DVD player that can play vcd, svcd, and kvcd. Also, I really don't care about it being able to play ANYTHING else besides what is stated. Thanks!

    (if this belongs in hardware world, please move )

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    my friend just bought one @ albertsons and plays everything, it was 45.00
    apex or rowia if you go to circuit city or sears

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    i bought a cheap one and me and it had some issues. In the end i took a screw driver to it and it wasnt pretty. Now i have a cheap progressive scan dvd player, it can play it all and it is great. you can get one for i think about 40-50 at radio shack. I recomend paying the extra money for progressive scan.

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    i have a MAGNAVOXX dvd player and it KICKS ASS. it was REAL CHEAP too.

    its awesome, it plays everything...all regions, jpegs on cd, vcd, svcd, and something cool i discovered was that it also plays mpegs/mpgs burnt onto cd. its a really decent dvd player for its price

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    Apex is a pretty good choice. that's about as cheap as it gets, without taking a real risk on ending up with a piece of junk.

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    I have an APEX AD-1100W and it plays everything. I'm not sure about KVCD though, I never tried it. Just make sure you look on the box before you buy because I think some of their older models didn't support SVCD. Here is a guide to help you compare brands and models...

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    I have an APEX AD-1100W and it does play KVCD's.

    I picked up a dvd player from Wal-Mart just a couple days after christmas for 40 dollars. It plays everything, its great, really small to.

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    the newer PS2's come with progressive scan now whats that do?

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    Originally posted by mofos@20 January 2004 - 21:11
    the newer PS2's come with progressive scan now whats that do?
    if you have an HDTV, progressive scan... uh... scans progressively.

    if you have an old-fashioned TV, progressive scan is not enabled.

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    Do yourself a favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Buy a DivX / DVD player
    It plays avi's directly, no need to convert them for viewing, smaller files and better quality

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