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Thread: Digital Dj Progs?

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    My friend in college had a mixer that if your turned down one knob all the lyrics would be stripped off the track that was playing like magic. It was a fairly expensive piece of hardware but it made me do a double take. I had to make him choose a new song, so I knew that he didn't have access to the master tracks on some special DAT he had when he was stripping the lyrics.

    Years later I come to find out that XBOX has some crappy program called music mixer or something, and it can do something similar. I could care less about this xbox program and how well it works. The fact is that if this type of software has been dumbed down to the xbox level... a user friendly PC version has to be out there.

    For work I often need to put music behind video but it never works if there are lyrics there. So I am in the constant struggle looking for instrumental versions of popular songs... which ultimately don't exist.

    Has anyone had any success with a program that can strip the lyrics out of MP3s?

    Thanks for any help

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    think dart karaoke studio can do it

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    thanks for the help.

    anyone else heard of lyric stripping software?

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    heres a link, let me know if it works


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