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Thread: Big Fish Screener Bin & Cue

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    ive downloaded this from suprnova and now have a problem, How do i put the bin & cue files onto a DVD (not cd) ? ive got winrar, daemon tools, nero, etc please help

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    The easiest way probably is to extract the mpegs, i just use vcdgear.

    The using TMPGEnc DVD Author you can just load the mpegs in, it will make sure there in the correct format then create a nifty little title screen so you can change from mpeg 1 to mpeg 2 or you could just join the 2 mpegs and have 1 large mpeg.

    TMPGEnc DVD Author is pretty much a 3 click process, so its not to difficult for the n00b.

    If you want to try something a little more impressive get DVDlab, and make it look professional.

    You should probably download another movie and put it on the same dvd, save you wasting a dvd on one movie.


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