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Thread: Which Dvd Software?

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    I have a one year old DVD player, and when I play new DVD's it doesn't play them well.
    Like with the new DVD of Lord of the Rings (and many others), the sound was terrible!!

    But I don't know if that's because of the DVD player or my DVD software!

    I have "Power DVD" and I think that's the problem. Could that be the reason?

    And if so, whitch other DVD software should I buy (or download)???

    Any suggestions???

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    Are you talking about your dvd player (type you connect to your tv) or a dvd rom (on your computer) ?

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    I'm talking about the DVD-rom on my computer (pentium 4, 2.5 GHz)

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    Maybe reinstall all your video and audio codecss
    and reinstall power dvd
    install different dvd software such as windvd or intermedia
    play them on different playrs - also try media player classic -file-open dvd.

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    give that a go, I use it almost exclusively for movies

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    but I just want to know which software is better than Power DVD?

    Cuz I don't like the program

    Any suggestions?

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    Windows Media Player 9

    but I like PowerDVD 5

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    Yea I use Power DVD 5 as well. Have you got the latest version?

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    No, probably not, because I have had it for more than a year.

    But can I upgrade my current Power DVD software, or should I get a new one (version 5)?

    And if I can upgrade it, how do I do that exactly?

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    Any suggestions? B)

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