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Thread: Script Error Pop Up At Every Turn

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    Hi to all you techie people!!
    I am getting a script error notification every time i click, whether to view the forum or change page, view a message, anything at all. Once i click on yes to keep running scripts i can see whatever i was trying to get. Its driving me nuts . Running IE6 and XP, have been to microsoft site and downloaded 5.6 script thingy ( please dont laugh, i a newbie!&#33 This forum is the only place that i'm having a problem with it. I'm using K++2.41 ( had upgrades installed but went back to this as i thought they might be the problem.

    Any info would be reatly appreciated

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    Are you using IE6 to go through these fourms? or the kazaa browser?
    I always get these problems using the kazaa browser.

    Or go to tools > internet options > advance tab > check 'disable script debugging', and uncheck 'display a notification about every script error'.

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    Hi Mik
    Thank you for your reply!!

    i'm using the kazaa browser to get to the forum.

    However i still checked setting on IE6 through the method you described and I already had a tick in the disable and no tick in the notify box. Even to put this reply in, it came up withe error.

    The funny thing is it was all working fine up till friday, then it just kept coming up with the errors.

    will try to get to the forum thru explorer

    Thanks again for your help
    ps the error message says "object expected"

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    No luck guys!!
    did a re-install of kazaa, still get the script message at every turn whilst in the forum,eg click to view a topic, script error, change the page,script error, go back a page, script error. all saying object ecpected. Its driving me nuts!!!

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    have you tried to tweak your pc lately??

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    thanks for the reply.
    nope, I've not tried to tweak my computer, nor installed anything new on it either. it just suddenly started doing and only on kazaa.

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    please post the exact errror message please

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    hi muscleman
    thanks for the reply. The error message is:

    an error has occurred in teh script on this page

    line 1005

    char 3

    error: object expected

    code: 0

    url: http//

    do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

    I used the link that came with the email and i did not get scripterrors and went to 3 or 4 different pages.

    Hope this helps!!

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    hmm you got me just use this address and come here with ie and better yet hit the klitetools in my sig and go to the internet section and use a tabed browser like opera or mozila or myie2

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    Thanks!! have made it a favourite!!
    its better than the otehr way!!!
    take care, have a great weekend!

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