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Thread: Sharing Files With K-lite

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    I just downloaded the new version of k-lite and clean kazza kmd and was just wandering is it safe to share files with K-lite. Knowing of the problems with sharing files on Kazza I was just wandering if it is safe to share files with K-lite?

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    One has to be careful.. there are a lot of clones out there...and you never said what version...only the newest one and which would that be? should have inquired before you downloaded as to where to get the proper version,and be careful not everyone in this forum is totally honest when telling you where to get the clean versions from. Sharman Networks has it"s f king spies in here, why do you think links keep getting shut down! A little side note i use the old version 2.4.3 with no problems at all and i know that this is a clean version B)
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    Sigh. This has already been penned by Error403, go here to read the thread.

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    2.4.3 is the safest option i still use that

    neva gave me ne errors

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    I am using the new version 2.6 that i downloaded from this forum.i did see the clones until i found this forum.


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