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Thread: Klr2.4.8 And Klite2.6

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    I first tried KLite 2.6 to download some files, and added the extra 2/3 files that I found on a related website. That went ok, and now I have just installed KLR2.4.8, and I see there are some noticebale differences.

    In Klite 2.6 there are 43 files in that folder, yet in KLR2.4.8 there are only 33 files.
    Also, in KLR 2.4.8 there are some icons on the top toolbar that don't do anything.
    Again, I see that KLR 2.4.8 uses port 32656 against port 1214 which other Kazaa Lite versions have used. Any reason for that?

    Oh, last thing, which one of the 2 programs is the latest version? I think I know but am not sure.


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    I find this very confusing, everyone who edits kazaa lite further should come together and make ONE GOOD version....

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    K-lite v2.6 is based on KMD 2.6

    KLR 2.4.8 is based on KMD 2.0.2


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