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Thread: Game Modding

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    i have never did a game mod, i dont know if you need a program to make one
    i play alot of medal of honor/call of duty/battlefield 1942online

    can anyone walk me through or point me in the direction i need to go

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    therer are always "editors" for games you wanna mod, just read all the tutorials and search in google for the game's editor...

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    thank you for the reply so fast

    i work at earthlink so im online all day and i have been searching

    but i never searched under game edit i will try that!

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    u wana do bf1942 eh?

    i know for a fact its not gonna b easy.

    #1 do u know how 2 model, unwrap, skin, design maps, of coad with bf 1942?

    ea really cut corners with bf1942's coad. it is nearly impossible 2 coad if u dont have exparience.

    if u wana map, ea has released a thing called battlecraft<google it.

    its easy 2 use, but if u really wana make something nice u shold use editor 42< its harder 2 use but its better.

    aslo do u own 3ds max?

    cause i need 2 model with it.

    look at Desert Combata mod 4 bf) its one of the best out there for inspiration. and if u do decied 2 make 1, be original, we already have: ww1, ww2, vietnam, starwars, halo, modern day combat, interstate(google it its really fun) a rpg beta conversion, and many more.

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    modding medal of honour is pritty easy, you can download pk3 files from mohaa sites then edit them (i.e. crosshairs)

    zzPakScape is what i use to edit pk3 files

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    i have never made a mod or done any of that but i am willing to learn

    i play medal of honor online alot and i got to the point where im alway in the top 3
    my player name is vocabsr

    will do search for the programs that i need if you have any other tips
    please post i need all the help i can get

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    where can i find zzPakScape

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    sorry, its shouldn&#39;t have zz infront of it

    im sure if u google pakscape it will come up with the right one

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    yeah that works thanks

    also i work at earthlink if any of you have an account i can see what i can do&#33;


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