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Thread: Kazaa Lite Is Acting Funny

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    My kazza is running extreamly slow.. I mean I cant even play my movies,music ect. There is a huge delay in clicking files and commands. All my other aplications on my cpu runs fine.

    Also, I am not downloading many files. I thought I had a virus but I dont. I also have plenty of RAM free.

    In my traffic file, even if I click download all, only a couple of file download out of 100 and its at a very slow speed.

    I have the accelerator and several other programs Im running.

    Any sugestions thanks.

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    Originally posted by novax@18 January 2004 - 22:42
    In my traffic file, even if I click download all, only a couple of file download out of 100 and its at a very slow speed.
    don't download so many files, thats your problem

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    Sounds like a bad partial download .DAT file.
    It tends to mess up Kazaa/Kazaa Lite K++ like that...

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    im haaving same problemn for ages i only have about 50 odd files never had prob b4 only in last 6 weeks behaving strangly indeed

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    First, as Switeck said, you probably have a bad download.dat file. My response (when this happened to me) was simply to note the names of the files I really wanted, then shut down Kazaa, delete all the unfinished dat files from my download folder, and search them again. It's easier than tracking through them all trying to find the corrupt one.
    Second, are you sharing any files for upload? Many users (myself included) will cancel uploads to leechers who don't share. A lot of us also cancel uploads to ppl who obviously fake their PL. Kazaa Lite fakes the PL by default, so try going into Options->Kazaa Lite Options, click the K++ Options tab, and uncheck "Constant PL 1,000". Then click Advanced Options and check "Show real PL". This will display your TRUE PL to other users; if you download much more than you upload, this will be low - but honest, and you're less likely to get kicked for that. Be generous with your shares; this will raise your PL and speed up the network for everyone, and contrary to popular belief, uploads slow downloads very little. (I get files prolly 5 - 10% slower if all my upload slots are in use - but with a high, honest PL I get them a lot faster than when I first started with a fake PL). Another thing you can do to improve your PL is to click the Traffic tab on the above window, and set maximum number of uploads to say, 5. This lets more ppl upload from you and this raises your PL. In case you don't know, a high PL = faster downloads! Note that your upload bandwidth is separate to your download bandwidth (at least on DSL connections) so the only way uploads can affect your download speed is if all your upload bandwidth is taken, in which case your TCP/IP ACK packets (which tell the server you got the download packet OK) get choked. In this case, try reducing your upload bandwidth in Kazaa to around 80% of your total upload bandwidth to let the ACK packets through. You'll get some spillover, but as I said, this won't slow you very much.
    Third, what sort of files are you trying to download? If the file is obscure or rare, it will nearly always be slow. I download a lot of orchestral music, which can be hard to find, but if you hang in there and leave Kazaa running all the time, you will eventually get them. I leave my computer running 24/7; some downloads take a few minutes, others may take a week, but I get them all eventually!


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