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Thread: Im Not A Comic Book Nerd But...

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    i was reciently at a yard sale, and i came across a "deathlock" #1. hes a marvel caracter. it was all shiny, and it was a #1 so i decieded 2pay the kid 50 cents, and take it home. the front page is all shiny. its got a small red stain on the back.

    i was wondering of its worth anything.

    anyone know?

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    According to one of my REALLY old Wizard issues (date: November 1999), it costs $2.00 USD back then. Dunno how much it costs now, but I assume it was around that price range.

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    I haven't checked on them in a while, but I very seriously doubt Deathlok has went up any. Although, it's one of my favorite comics, and characters.
    However the book just never got very popular.
    "Where did he go, George, Where did he go?"

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    I remember buying that book when it came out....I still have it with my other comics shrink wrapped in storage.


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