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Thread: Am I Looking For A Plugin?

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    i need a program, add-on, plugin or anything that will let me filter audio, video, documents, images & software into separate folders automaticallyafter i download them. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?

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    I think what you're looking for is already a feature of kazza-lite, if you click on the "my kazza" icon you will find your files is seperate folders. Alternatively create five new folders, arrange icons by type in your shared folder and drag them into their own catagory. That would be a simple way to do it.

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    I know a better way to do it! Go to K-Lite Extensions and then File Organizer. There you can set it up so your downloads go into separate sub-folders depending on their type. The sub-folders must be within your Shared Folder though. Instructions on how to use File Organizer are available in the Tips section of this forum.

    Or there is another plugin called KDP (Kazaa Download Placer) available from this link which does a similar thing. In some ways it is easier to use than File Organizer, but it is a bit buggy.


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