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Thread: Upgrading To Winxp?

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    I have just downloaded from kazza(kazza lite) this file

    Title - Windows XP Pro. Final version 2600 + License.txt

    Filename - Windows XP Professional Upgrade-no activation.exe

    Size - 449123kb

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    But I have a few queries before I start this up.

    I have windows millennium and downloaded this to update it, but will this file do this, will it do that without deleting all my files on my hard drive or will it install a second operating system without upgrading it or what ever.

    Now I don't have a cd burner and would preferably like a self installing exe update to winxp, but if I cant get one, can I partition my 20gb hard drive install this winxp file on it, transfer the files I want on to it and then delete the partition with winme on it, therefore giving me back the space?

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Here's the deal.......If you install as upgrade, XP will not delete old files or FAT32 file sys.......but will alert you as to which of your files are not compatable w/ XP. ME is no more than 98SE...same file structure...etc, etc......If you choose to run both...(test drive)...Partition magic is my favorite......but you must install XP on second 'created' partition...You can go to,blah.....for their bloated discription.....Hope this helps..

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    XP does not install well on top of ME. You'd be better installing it onto a clean hard drive. If you are going to install over ME burn off all of your setting, desktop, internet connects etc as you'll lose the lot.

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    Before you start make sure that you have downloaded a verified copy of XP Pro. I got one from Kazaa and it was nearly 700mb, I know yours might be packed differently but I'd be very cautious before you formatted to do a clean install.

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    I believe it is impossible to install XP without having it on CD.
    (Unless you could somehow do it over a network or a bootable DVD drive)
    I just don't think theres any way to click the file & have it magically update you to XP.
    Setup happens out of windows.

    * edit to say i might be wrong here - see this thread - Here


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