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Thread: T3dvdrip + Amazzing Connection Speed On 56k

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    I downloaded this file "T3DVDrip1of2" 255,623,040 and it's most likley a fake( terminator 3) but i downloaded it anyway, but all i get when i run it under a few diffrent players like divx and powerdvd is black screen with no sound but it does run, if you can help please tell me.

    But the point of this article is the download speed, kazza lite was telling me i was downloading this at speeds of between 30 to 40kb/s on a 56k modem and im not getting confused with 4-5kb/s, i though this speed was impossible on 56k but believe me this is what it was saying, the file size is 215mb and it toook me 2 - 3 hours to download it!

    what's going on???

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    sorry to be the one to tell you but you downloaded a fake all that is is a blank space someone put on p2p and name them popular movies name of the time

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    Never seen that kind of speed before on a 56k......

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    Are you sure you didn't have the file already?

    If you do, you could be downloading it from yourself which might explain the abnormally high speeds.

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    Once again, I'll back you up on this. I had a 56k back when I was poor and ONE afternoon had most of gladiator come in at just over 50k. I didn't have the movie already, nor ever had. The file was legit. I watched it when it was finished with no errors. So it can happen. I have no idea to this day how or why, but I got to enjoy it for about 3 hours that fine day. And then I was addicted and had to get broadband. If the file is real (the right movie or not) take it that you had a fortunate anomaly, and don't expect it again.

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    I am on 56k and have twice in the past had speeds in excess of 50 kb/s...both times were supposed to be games that turned out to be fakes.One of these was Warcraft3 i think,so it does happen..

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    Modems will always try to compress each packet being rx'd / tx'd. I would guess that the reason these fake files may sometimes seem to give huge download speeds it that there are vast expanses of "blank" in the file (e.g. simply the same byte being used to pad a file out to a larger size to convince you it's the real file). The modem can therefore attain a tremendous compression ratio on these files, and your effective download speed is therefore correspondingly higher, as the download speed report is based on the amount of data downloaded once it gets uncompressed at each end.

    Hope that helps!

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    Originally posted by Shinigami@1 March 2003 - 16:25
    Never seen that kind of speed before on a 56k......
    It does happen, I was downloading 8 mile before and it was coming at 20k, which for a modem, I was amazed. Till I tried getting something else..................... 2.5k (anyway, I got broadband now )

    And yeah, it was fake .......


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