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Thread: Movie Trouble

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    i downloaded a movie and when i preveiwed it to see if it work it played and when i had the whole thing downloaded. when i played it it came up saying it was 49 mintues but it will only play 3 seconds. can anyone tell me what is happening or can i fix it. it is in avi would it do the same if i changed it to mpeg

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    try a different player. videolan, bs player, some other one, ... etc

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    There are probably some bad frames in the movie. You can try to watch the movie in another player or you can remove the bad frames alltogether. This can be done either by Divfix or Virtualdub Mp3.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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    if you try to convert it with bad frames in, it will just cause more problems

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    uninstall avi preview(i bet thats what you were using) and install videolan, problem solved B)


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