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Thread: Super Slow Downloads.....

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    Running version 2.43 with a cable connection and I'm stuck at speeds barely over 1k...anyone else having the same problem?

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    yeah ive got the same problem ... also on another computer ive noticed that this can be cause by trying to use klite through a router/ firewall ..

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    it's not because you have a fast connection that you will always get fast speeds for downloads.It also depends on what kind of connection the person has that you're dl'ing from.And if you're behind a router or firewall this can also have an effect on your download speed.Try jumping supernodes,this could help in speeding up your dl's.And make sure you have sufficient sources for the file before youstart dl'ing.

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    I Had The Same Trouble But I Went To WWW.Download.Com
    And Downloaded Kazaa Speed Up It Finds More Users With The Same
    File That You Are Downloading And Speeds It Up


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