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Thread: Spybot ?

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    I had scanned my system with spybot on thursday then backed up my system with Ghost.
    I then downloaded about 5 films using KLite over the next few days , once they were finished I like to scan again "Just incase" , when I tried to open spybot s&d it would not open It opened a bar in task bar but would not open fully I tried to close it and it said it was not responding .
    I first tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it , then I tried system restore to before the downloads , In the end I had to restore using Ghost this worked.(dont worry my films are in another partition).
    Funny thing was that while fiddling about trying different things I found it would run in safe mode , So it must have been conflicting with a service ?
    Has anyone else had problems with this program or know how to fix it when it happens ?
    A few weeks ago it wouldnt start a couple of times then it was OK .
    I did have it set to look for updates on startup so if it could not make contact could this crash it ?

    I know this isnt directly a klite problem but I found out about spybot from this forum and was hoping somebody might know something about it here.


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    I used to use Spybot S&D and would ocasionally have problems with it at well. May not be the answer your looking for but my suggestion would be to get the program PestPatrol. It's more powerful and customizable, worked wonders for me. Will do eveything Spybot does + more.
    My two cents anyway.

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    spy sweeper is the best and this is klite problems not spybot problems


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