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Thread: Playing My Music

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    Since downloading Kazaa lite my windows media player dosent work at all no more. When i try to open it, it wont even open. So im having to always put Kazaa lite on to play music.

    Does anyone know how i can get Windows Media Player working again?

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    what do you expect from microsoft, wmp9 is the worst player you can have in your computer its a piece of spyware every song you play, watch media player
    trying to etablish an internet conncetion.

    get winamp or foobar2000 for playing music

    get bs player or videolan for movies

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    Thanks mate, what would you people says the best music player out there? Ive lways used media player so im not to sure about others..

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    Deffenitly Winamp.It comes with free internetTv as well B)

    You can download it here


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