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Thread: Kazaa Movies

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    After I downloaded a divx.avi movie from kazaa i converted it to an mpeg using TMPGEnc. I encoded the video and audio together but the result was video without audio. How do i get video with audio?

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    Why would you convert it in the first place? Doesn't the Avi play right? Do you have the right DiVX Codecs?

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    check my guide on how to make a vcd/svcd I outlined tips and settings etc

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    ok thanks

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    Without going through all that, I can tell u that u probably made a elementary(Video) stream mpeg u should have done it system (Video+Audio) so it to get the audio just do this get a program named Virtual DUB the go to audio> Full processing mode then file>Save Wav then once it is done use a program called headac3he then convert the wav to .mp2 then finally use tmpgenc to mux it back together. Simple.

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    my question would be why is will smith downloding movies?

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    Originally posted by Stonecoldfreak1@20 January 2004 - 06:59
    my question would be why is will smith downloding movies?
    thats what i thought


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