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Thread: Uk Lottery

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    Just wondering if any of you guys have won anything on the lotto?

    Iv been playing since it started and have 3 every Saturday and all i have won is crappy 10 every now and then.....SUX!!!

    and them scratch cards, they got 5 once now, what a rip off.

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    I won 250 on the thunderball draw.

    That means I got four numbers and the thunderball.

    If I'd gotten five numbers without the thunderball I would have got 5000.

    It's a rip-off.

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    I work in a shop which sells lottery tickets; every week we sell thousands of tickets and we get about 2 or three dozen winners coming in for a tenner. Once a month or so we get someone who actually got 4 numbers - anything up to about 100.

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    my uncle got 5 numbers (no bonus ball) on two separate occasions. Got over a grand each time, but to be honest, i'd be devastated at being just one more ball away from being a millionaire.

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    I won a tenner the first time I played ...but that was a year ago, haven't won anything since

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    The only time I won anything on the lottery was one of the Christmas draws (2002? I think). Someone actually bought me the ticket and put it inside my Christmas card.

    Checked next morning and the 5 ticket was now worth 40

    Never won anything since though. They say you don't win unless you try though...

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    Buy your tickets on a saturday you have a better chance of winning...don't ask me how its sumthing i read sumwhere. Personally i don't believe it ...either way with my luck i wont get anything!

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    My uncle is probably the unluckiest person ever, he played the lottery for almost every draw, but this one occasion he forgot to enter the numbers into the machine.

    He went to work giving his wife a copy of the numbers so she can check to see if they come up. Would you believe it he had 5 numbers plus the bonus. He would have won 99,000.

    His wife was over the moon as she saw the numbers come up one by one. She called him at work to inform him of the good news. At first my uncle was so excited, but it suddenly dawned on him that he forgot to enter the numbers into the draw .

    Its not surprising that they were both miserable for weeks after that.

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    well just been to asda and got my tickets for this saturday so fingers crossed eh

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    out of the pound it costs to play, its something in the region of 10p which goes to the prize money.

    so each time you play (the long run average) you expect to win -90p..

    it has to be one of the worst ways to gamble.

    better off in the bookies either with the irish lottery (apparantly) or the footy
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