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Thread: Tr/ladder

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    Is there anyone that can find me some info about this virus?
    I did a search on google but didn't find any relevant information.
    And one other thing,My av detected this in ie...(forgot the rest of the name ,but my guess is the ie stands for internet explorer. )but it says it doesn't delete or repair files that are in the archives????What am I supposed to do with that
    So I'm still stuck with that infected file?How do I get rid of it?

    Goddamn AntivirXP sucks balls!

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    have u tried deleting your temp ie files ?
    Open your mind

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    It's been a while since I've done that yes.
    Maybe not a bad idea B)

    Still curious about what kind of virus TR/Ladder is though?

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    So,Ive deleted all temp files and cookies.Didn't do a new scan yet,but now my computer is being really,really slow.It's starting to anoy me really hard.
    I don't have k-lite running and when i press ctrl+alt+del to look at the processes i see there are 41 running.But only the non-active are using the most cpu.And when I want to end that or another process I get a message saying that ending these could make my system unstable...
    I read somewhere on this board that you can speed up your computer,or better said,that if you have a lot of processes running it could slow down your comp.
    But I don't really think these are the things that are slowing my comp down.Cause I didn't change anything in there and yesterday my comp was going at the speed it's supposed to go.Is there anybody that knows why it's going so slow?
    And what I could do to fix it?I'm still no computergenius so I can't figure it out myself.Any help is much appreciated

    and one other thing,all the post on this forum stay as unread even when I click "mark this forum as read"

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    you should really check those processes out bro
    i only got 25 or so processes running...
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    Originally posted by FKDUP74@19 January 2004 - 23:16
    you should really check those processes out bro
    i only got 25 or so processes running...
    Probably...but the problem is that I have no clue on what processes I can end without screwing up my system.No maher what procces i click,it always says enabling this process might make your system instable.
    If I post a screenshot of this maybe you could see what processes can be enabled without doing any harm to my system?But then again,I've always had this many processes runnig and I never noticed any difference in the performance/speed of my system.I'll put op a screenshot in a,make that ten minutes,since everything is slowed down to snailpase on my system



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