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Thread: Need To Pick Your Brains Guys

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    download installed follwed the crack guide everthing ok untill i try and live update i get an error it say try again and i get the same so it says reinstall live update
    how do i do that ne1 have the same problem
    please helpa noob in trouble

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    go to and download and install the live update utility.

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    thanks firefox

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    Also ensure your firewall is not blocking the LiveUpdate process.

    I spent 45 minutes trying to help some guy out on a similar problem before his 'non-working' firewall was actually running fine in the background.


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    Symantec Security Response Submission Software Updates
    > Symantec Shared Components

    Connecting to
    LiveUpdate had an internal error while getting your updates. Your Symantec programs were not updated.

    You should try getting updates at a later time. If LiveUpdate fails again with this error, you should re-install LiveUpdate.
    LiveUpdate session is complete.

    this is the message i get ive tried the above could it be a problem with all live update can other people use it at the moment please help


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