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Thread: Preview File On Overnet

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    Is there a way i can preview files i download on overnet. I know that overnet downloads the same way as bittorrent (different pieces) but will video lan/avi preview would be able to play it. I also need some one to verify a file for me. Here is the file i am dl

    //ed2k://|file|matrix%20revolutions.dvdrip.divx-dominion.avi|732532736|a3c55ad15671081df4eb00141179a652|/// I just need some1 to verify that is it ENGLISH.

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    If these two files match, then its a fake. Fake report says:
    Orange County - English.

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    You were right. It was fake. Has anybody seen a Matrix Revolutions DVDrip yet anywhere.

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    Don't expect it to be out yet in DVDRip form. There are cam screeners you can get of it though, but i cant comment on quality...
    SR has links for it.

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    I was dl Dvd-scr from suprnova but its really slow. I just thought if Dvd-scr is out dvd-rip should be out as well. btw who is SR

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    Give it a week, and im sure it'll be out on emule if it is indeed on bittorrent now.

    ::BTW --- "Telecine" -- Doubt its a DVDRip, most likely a cam version.
    An even if it was DVDRip, 1cd for that length would be quite poor.

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    I download a fake the other day on overnet ,the first time for a long while the fucker.

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    You could also probably do it by using the same method as completing in-complete files.

    Look for a prog "old parts".Its a command line prog for converting the multiple parts in to one single part file like used with emule.

    If you want it & cant find it .let me know i i'll send.

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    @ thisiswhoweare

    How did ya figure out that the file was fake?

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    Well there are a few ways, but i only know one way.

    Anyway in my version of emule (emuleplus) there is a feature which allows you to download a list of fakes off a list (a simple update feature in preferences)... anyway i searched for "matrix revolutions dominion" and got some results for it. In the search there is a column called fake check, which shows comments such as incomplete, fake, the actual file etc and for that result i got orange county

    I;m sure checking the hash in a fake check site would work just as well, but ive never really needed to try it.

    Hope that answered your Q


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